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EST. 2013

Greenhaus Radio is a two-hour electronic music based radio show created by radio host Jenn Green. Exploring underground house, techno, dub techno, minimal, experimental, ambient, downtempo, dnb, dub & reggae, beats, dance, club, disco, Soul, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, world and more!


Launched in Chicago, Greenhaus Radio held a longtime residency with RWD.FM broadcasting from May 2013 - December 2018.

Greenhaus Radio now airs Sundays bi-weekly on Virtual Public Network (VPN) from 20:00 - 22:00 PST

(8pm - 10pm PST / 11pm - 1am EST)

Transmitting and archiving triple earth frequencies through sound selection of aural

vibrations for the past decade.

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 12.08.39

JENNGREEN is an earthbound, deep rooted, music hermit who has translated her vast musical curiosity and voracious appetite for supporting underground music into being an online radio presenter for over a decade and full spectrum club DJ as Rebekkah Angeber.

Born in Detroit, having lived in Chicago for six years before relocating to Seattle, Jenn embodies the Midwest's tenacity, history, and spirit in her cohesive, multi-genre era-spanning radio shows.

In 2016, Jenn was nominated for the Mixcloud Best Online Radio Personality Awards during her a longtime residency with RWD.FM (2013 - 2018)

Jenn has crafted mixes for Worldwide FMDEBONAIR on NTSKEXP's Midnight In A Perfect World, Orphan. records, Peace Portal Podcast and C895 Radio.

Her versatile and eclectic DJ sets are designed to guide, uplift and connect listeners through universal sound and the healing arts.

Listen back

to the Greenhaus Radio 


VPN Show Archive

All live broadcasted shows are recorded and archived on SoundcloudVPN Mixcloud for your enjoyment!

Greenhaus Radio streams LIVE on VPN

Sundays (bi-weekly) from

8pm -10pm PST & 11pm - 1am EST

In Full Bloom


Stay connected for future Greenhaus Radio updates including show calendars calendars, tracklists with archive links.

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